1. Create a new account

Click the login button in the upper right corner of the Registration Home page. Click “Create New Account”. Enter email and password plus the name of the first or only student registering. Read the description of user types at the top of the page and choose a user type from the drop down menu. It is easier if you DO NOT add additional students (registrants) at this time. Click “Save and Continue.” You will be asked to provide additional information regarding the registrant. Once you save this information you will return to your account page. Here you can edit information, add more students (registrants) to your account, or change your password. You will go to this page whenever you need to make your changes to your account, including adding new students. Once you have created your account you can register for classes by clicking class categories in the column on the left side of the page.

2. Log in and update existing account

Click the login button in the upper right corner of the Registration Home page. Enter your email address and password. Please edit any information that has changed since your last registration (e.g. grade level, learning needs and cell phone numbers).

3. User types

User types are based on the students annual household income. They are used to determine the cost of classes based upon scholarship eligibility.  Choose the user type based on your annual household income. (OR Choose user type (A.) if you DO NOT want to use scholarship funds.)  Families applying for a scholarship need to provide income verification within one week of registration.

  • (A.) 2019 Annual Household Income over $65,000 (summer workshops will ring-in at full price: $200 each)
  • (B.) 2019 Annual Household Income $45,000-$65,000 (summer workshops will ring-in at the scholarship rate of: $125 each)
  • (C.) 2019 Annual Household Income Less than $45,000 (summer workshops will ring-in at the scholarship rate of $50 each
  • Adult Class Registrants Only: Registrants for Adult Classes in the Studio Bricolage program.

NOTE: See the Scholarship FAQ section below for more information.

4. Adding additional students to account

Login in to your account. Click “Add New Person to This Account.” Enter the first name of the registrant (student) and choose your user type. Click “OK.” Provide additional information for this registrant. Save this information and return to your account page. This registrant will now be available in your account. When you click “Register Now” for a class you can check any or all of the registrant’s names to register for a class.

5. Please update your user type every year.

You can do this by first logging into your account. On your homepage you will see the list of students associated with your account. Under ‘Customer type’ click ‘Change.’ Update the user type from the drop down menu provided. You will need to update the user type of each individual associated with your account.


One-third of all children participating in programs at Leonardo’s Basement receive scholarships based upon household income. Scholarship funds are provided by generous individuals, corporations and foundations. **Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to Leonardo’s Basement. Scholarships are provided for summer classes at the levels shown above in the “User Type” FAQ, as funds are available. Each student is allowed to take up to four classes at the scholarship rate and an unlimited number of additional classes at the regular fee. Scholarships are available during the school year for families eligible for the reduced fee or free lunch program or with family income less than $45,000. All families requesting scholarship funds must provide income verification. Families must provide a copy of the reduced fee lunch program eligibility letter from your school district or page one of your 2019 IRS Form 1040. We must receive this information one week after registering or the student will lose their place in the class.

Extended Care

Extended care is available from 8:00-9:30 am and from 3:00-5:00 pm during summer classes. The cost for extended care $35/week per child per AM or $45/week per child per PM session. A separate registration is required for each session. Register for Extended Care by finding your summer week’s session in the ‘Extended Care’ heading in the sidebar column.

Drop off & Pick-up

You must notify us in advance if someone other than a parent or guardian will pick up your child. Students arriving more than 15 minutes prior to a class, or staying more than 15 minutes after a class, will be enrolled in Extended Care and charged $10 per occurrence. (Extended day is available during summer classes. Pre-registration is required.)


Students registered for both a morning and afternoon summer class should bring a lunch for a supervised lunch period from 12:00-12:30 pm. Food is not available for purchase. We do not have a snack time during classes.  Water is always available.

Cancellation Policy

If you cancel a class:

– At least three weeks before the class begins we will refund the entire class fee, less a $25 processing fee.

– At least two weeks before the class begins we will issue a credit for the entire class fee, less a $25 processing fee, to your Leonardo’s Basement account for a future class or workshop.

– Less than two weeks before the first day of class you will not receive a refund or credit.

Safety Policy

The goal of Leonardo’s Basement is to create a fun, engaging and safe learning environment. Children will be supervised at all times. However, the potential for accidents remains. It is the responsibility of the student and the parent to read the student safety guidelines prior to attending a class or workshop. Completing the registration is an acknowledgement that you have read the Student Safety Guidelines.

Education tax credits or deductions

Classes may qualify for the Minnesota K-12 education tax credit. Contact the Minnesota Department of Revenue for details. Our Federal Tax ID is 41-1911604.

Photographs and Videos

Registration implies permission to use photos and/or video clips of students for promotional purposes. Please notify us if you do not want your child in photos or videos.


The workshop is located in south Minneapolis, just west of 35W and north of Hwy 62 (Crosstown), five miles south of downtown, at 150 West 60th Street, 55419.

Contact information

Please contact us if you have additional questions at:

  • Phone: 612-824-4394
  • Emailinfo@leonardosbasement.org
  • Mail: Leonardo’s Basement, 150 West 60th Street, Minneapolis, MN 55419
Leonardo’s Basement
150 West 60th Street
Minneapolis, MN 55419

Phone: 612-824-4394

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