Safety Policy


General Policy

Our goal is to create a fun, engaging AND SAFE learning environment. Children will be supervised at all times. However, the potential for accidents remains. It is the responsibility of the student and parent to read these safety guidelines. Signing the registration form verifies your acknowledgement of the Student Safety Guidelines that are posted on the website.


  1. Students may use tools such as utility knives, hot glue guns, hammers, saws, compressed air and power tools while at Leonardo’s Basement. Students are expected to use tools safely at all times.
  2. During class, students need to remain in the area designated for that class unless the instructor gives permission for them to go elsewhere.
  3. Students need to listen to instructions from their teachers and ask if they have questions.
  4. Eating and drinking are only allowed at appropriate times and places. Clean up is required.
  5. Running, skateboarding, bike riding and roller shoes are not allowed inside Leonardo’s Basement.
  6. Students should report any equipment failure to a staff member. This includes broken or damaged tools, computers and other equipment.
  7. Students may not disassemble anything that has an electrical cord attached to it.
  8. Unacceptable behavior includes hitting others, throwing things, swordplay and wrestling.
  9. Verbal bullying, hurtful teasing and generally being mean are not allowed at any time.
  10. Students may not leave the workshop without a parent or permission to do so.
  11. We acknowledge that projects make messes. In order to keep the workshop safe, students need to clean up at the end of class and whenever an instructor asks them to clean up.
  12. Cigarettes, illegal drugs and alcohol are not allowed at Leonardo’s Basement.
  13. If a student sees someone doing something unsafe, he or she should notify staff immediately.

What to Wear

Students should wear clothes that are appropriate for a workshop and studio environment. This includes:

  1. Feet must be totally protected (no sandals, open toed shoes or flip flops).
  2. Long hair must be tied back/secured if working with tools.
  3. No loose clothing or jewelry (loose sleeves, shirt tails etc). Any apparatus with moving pulleys or shafts (pumps, power tools) presents special safety concerns. Loose clothing poses a particular hazard when working with this type of equipment.
  4. Safety glasses or shields are required whenever working with or near hammers, jigsaws, circular saws, table saws, electric drills with spade bits, grinders, and compressed air or when otherwise requested by an instructor.
  5. Students may not use cell phones during class time.

Know the Environment

Be aware of the location of the fire extinguishers, eye wash stations, and first aid kits.

What To Do in Case of an Accident

  1. In case of fire or accident, notify your instructor at once.
  2. If you should get a chemical or other irritant into your eyes, notify your instructor immediately and wash with water from the eyewash station.

Disciplinary Actions

Depending on the circumstances, a student who disregards the rules of conduct or engages in inappropriate or unsafe behavior may be subject to discipline such as a verbal warning or a phone call to parents. A student may also be sent home, with or without a prior warning, if the instructor determines that circumstances make such an action necessary either for the student or other class participants.

Additional Policies

Procedure on Release of Kids:

  • A parent, guardian or other designated adult must pick up a student directly from the teacher at the end of class;
  • Students may not wait outside Leonardo’s Basement for any reason;
  • Written parental permission is required before a student will be allowed to walk, bike or take the bus home.

Field Trip Procedure:

  • Instructors should be sure the shop manager knows if participants are leaving the workshop; and
  • At least one staff member must have a working cell phone at all times when off site on a field trip or otherwise with Leonardo’s Basement participants.

Staff will not administer aspirin, ibuprofen or other non-prescription medications to participants. Parents or guardians need to notify staff if a student needs to take prescription medication while at Leonardo’s Basement.


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