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Partnerships with K-16 schools include student-directed project building residencies, community education classes, field trips, and family nights. Content can be tied to academic standards or enrichment.



Leonardo’s Basement will bring design, build and experiment project building to you. Applied math, physical science, sculpture and engineering projects are common. Enrichment makerspace-styled experiences are popular. We will work with you to provide the specific experiences and academic support that your students need. The cost is typically $10/hour/student.

Field Trips

Our workshop has hundreds of tools and a warehouse full of building materials. Schedule a field trip to develop personal and technical skills. Make inventions, explore the design/build process, create sculptures, and have fun. Our informal project-based learning environment is particularly well-suited to help young people develop personal (21st Century) skills. We suggest a minimum 1.5 hour visit. Bring 10 – 150 students. The cost is $10/hour/student. Scholarships may be available for low-income schools.

Family Nights

Contact us to design the perfect project building activity for your next family event. Engineering, art, math, experiments and games can be connected to a specific event theme or ask us to fill a gap in your existing activity offerings. The cost is $3-5/person. 

Professional Development

Deliriously fun and collaborative learning for PK-12 teachers, assistants, curriculum coordinators, community education personnel, administrators and other educators. Topics include student-directed design and building in the classroom, developing personal skills through project building, planning a makerspace or program, or custom sessions to meet your specific needs. Workshops cost $50/participant for a two-hour session.


Community Building



Schedule an engineering, art or technology workshop for children, teens, adults or families at your library.

Events and Field Trips

We bring project building workshops to parks, community centers, corporations and other private and public events. Scouts and childcare groups are encouraged to schedule field trips to our workshop.


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