Parties (NOTE: We are moving. Parties are on hiatus until Fall 2023)

Have your next party at Leonardo’s Basement!

Birthday, bachelorette, bachelor, shower, retirement, and other celebrations are available for children, teens, and adults. Guests design and build creative engineering, technology, or art projects to take home.

Our Approach

During the summer and school year participants at Leonardo’s Basement are encouraged to build their ideas. Birthday parties are no exception. Rather than offering a list of building projects to choose from, each guest will make what we call a “Build What YOU Want” project, crafting a backpack-sized or smaller 3-dimensional design to take home. A wealth of available building materials and tools ensure that project building is engaging for all ages and skill levels. An instructor will help guests learn the skills they need to complete their creation.


Parties for kids and teens last two hours and are held on Saturday afternoons beginning at either 12:30 or 3:00pm. (adult party times are more flexible.) The first hour and forty-five minutes is spent building individual projects. The last 15 minutes are for you to say goodbye and hand out treats or gifts to guests. Finger foods like cupcakes or popcorn are good choices; food that requires a table, utensils, and plates are not allowed. If cake with ice cream, pizza, and communal gift opening are part of your party plans, you'll need to do that at home.

Parents/Guardians of the birthday person are responsible for connecting guests with their rides, outside, before and after the party. The building is closed to all except party guests, your child(ren) and the birthday child’s immediate family.

Reservations are first-come, first-served. The workshop is located in the center of the Twin Cities, in the Prospect Park neighborhood of Minneapolis. Near Hwy 280 and University Ave at 2 Malcolm Avenue SE Minneapolis 55414

Parties for Adults include birthdays, special occasions, and corporate events. Most last two hours and projects can be designed for particular themes if you wish. There might be an additional cost if projects require specific materials.

Adult parties can be scheduled any day or evening of the week. You can bring snack and beverages from which guests can graze during the party.


Parties cost $30 per guest with a $300 minimum. The fee includes an instructor and materials for each student to build a backpack-sized or smaller project home to take home. No deposit is required and you pay on the day of the party with cash, check, or credit card.


Contact Steve Jevning at with questions or to schedule the party. Please try to give as much time as possible to arrange your special event. Thank you for choosing Leonardo’s Basement for your next party!

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