Children ages 6+ find informal and playful environments at Leonardo’s Basement where curiosity, imagination and experimentation are encouraged; where creativity goes hand-in-hand with problem solving; where taking risks is a valued tool for learning and developing self-confidence and where personal responsibility is a central element to communication and teamwork.

Summer Workshops

Design and build engineering, art, and technology projects that most often go home with you but are sometimes epic group projects. Over 125 week long (M-F) half- and full-day summer workshops for ages 6-17 are offered all summer. We also provide Friday-only workshops.

Registration for summer workshops is online. Click “Register for Classes” above to see a full list of offerings. Registration begins 2nd week in February.

School Year, Home School & Single-Day Experiences

Daytime full- and half-day workshops, school release day activities, field trips, and Adventure Playground dates for girls and boys ages 6-17 are offered all year. We also host Family Events!

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