The vision of Leonardo’s Basement is to help people develop skills to become curious lifelong learners and successful human beings.

Since 1998 Leonardo’s Basement has helped young people develop crucially important personal and technical skills to support success in school, work, and life. It provides unique social and physical environments where young people learn by designing and building projects incorporating engineering, art, and technology

Many schools focus upon teaching rigorous academic content leaving little time for students to learn personal skills and attributes through open-ended project-based learning. Our work is guided by the following values

1) Personal skills are best learned through active project building. Leonardo’s Basement is particularly interested in supporting the development of

– Curiosity                                – Self-confidence

– Communication                     – Personal and social responsibility

– Creative problem-solving      – Interpersonal skills and empathy

– Decision making                   – Intrinsic motivation

2)  Learner-directed project building is the most efficient and effective way to develop personal skills, with an additional benefit of acquiring technical skills.

3)  Process over product. Supporting individuals to craft their own ideas and develop personal processes in an informal learning environment supports skills development better than building projects selected and controlled by others.

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