Excited for Summer!

Registration for 11 weeks of summer workshops is online. We have offerings in areas of Engineering, Art, Science and Technology for ages 6-17. Practical skills like 3D printing and whimsical experiences like building giant Potato Heads! Welding, Furniture Making,...

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Saturday Build What YOU Want and Teen Welding begin this week!

Saturday BWYW 10:30- noon, ages 6-16 will build from their imaginations in our gianormous workshop. Hand tools, hot glue and LOTS of good junk (aka building materials) plus a cheerful instructor to help. Saturday TEEN WELDING 10:00-3:00, new and experienced teens will...

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Twelve Weeks of Summer

Twelve magical weeks of kids & teens making, building, designing, experimenting, testing, creating, doing and re-doing projects. What they made varied widely by the day, week, student interests and experience. Projects were: big, collaborative, tiny, individual,...

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