Summer 2019 Registration & Information!

We are excited to offer opportunities for kids and teens to design, build and play in our ginormous workshop this summer!  Register online, by clicking the "Register for Classes" link above Individual and collaborative project building in engineering, art, design, and...

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Leonardo’s Largely Irrational Math Prize

Leonardo’s Largely Irrational Math Prize Leonardo’s Basement is offering prizes for mathematics at the 2019 Twin Cities Regional and Minnesota State Science and Engineering Fair. The contest is “irrational” because the prizes are based on an irrational number: 1st...

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You don’t have to wait until Summer to make cool stuff!

Summer workshops will be online February 11!  Full and Half Day options all summer for ages 6-17 in areas of Engineering, Art, Design and Technology in our enormous Wonka-esque workshop, beginning June 10.  Until then, we have opportunities for 'kids' of all ages to...

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Can you name these people and things?

Can you name these people and things? In recognition of our 20th birthday we created a redux of this iconic album cover populated with people that inspire us. We held a contest to see who could name the most people and items in the photo. The winner is Haley Durkee...

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