2018 Vicennial Birthday Bash Poster Contest


1. Print a copy of the poster image if you wish.      

2. Print a copy of the image key.  It might help.    

3. Make a copy or print an answer worksheet to record your work.     

4. Submit your answers using Google Forms.  You cannot save the form and add more answers later.  Use the answer worksheet above before completing the online form here.

5. One entry per person.  The winning entry is the one with the most correct answers.

Attend the Leonardo’s Basement Vicennial Birthday Bash on Saturday, September 15 to see if you are the winner of a beautiful direct-to-garment black t-shirt with the poster image printed on the front and bragging rights for your cultural fluency.  We will contact winners regardless.

Purchase Birthday Bash tickets here.


Contest Rules      

Questions?  Send them to info@leonardosbasement.org