Summer Classes now online!

Summer Classes now online!

WELCOME TO SUMMER AT LEONARDO’S BASEMENT! We are excited to present our schedule of summer classes. Every year instructors dream up ideas for classes after watching and listening to you during the previous year. They will encourage you to design and build engineering, art and technology projects that spring from your imagination. Leonardo’s Basement is unlike any educational organization in the world. It is the largest making space for builders of all ages. It is dedicated to helping students develop projects by dreaming and taking risks. To learn decision making by making decisions. To learn problem solving by solving problems. To develop technical skills using hand and power tools, computers and other technology. To value process over product. To have fun being curious, creative and industrious. You will have considerable freedom. Along with freedom comes responsibility. We expect you to be self-directed, to respect others and to work hard. We expect that you will follow three simple rules: Be safe, be nice and have fun. New for summer 2016: A huge workshop for more and better classes PLUS an outdoor build area More TEEN classes and More LEGO classes Star Wars WEEK! We look forward to seeing... read more
Summer workshop news!

Summer workshop news!

  This summer we will have over 100 workshops for builders ages 6-17 beginning June 13. Half-day workshops meet Monday-Friday from 9:30-noon and from 12:30-3:00 (with AM & PM extended care available) Our new workshop space is nearly three times the size of the previous shop and will have rooms dedicated to LEGO, electronics and CAD plus wood and metal working. The outdoor space allows for fantastically enormous team-built structures and sculptures! Here’s a sneak peak at some of the themes and classes for this summer: Star Wars, Raspberry Pi, Furniture making, kid-sized roller coaster, water play, boat-building, R/C, robotics, dollhouses, cooking, electronics, 3D printing & laser engraving, invention, Build What You Want and animation. Schedule and registration will be online February 8.... read more
Windows to Withstand Winter

Windows to Withstand Winter

Thanks to the generosity of our Kickstarter campaign supporters, new windows went in at the workshop last month. The windows keep out the chill, making the workshop cozier during classes. (They also help keep our heating bills more reasonable!) This spring, an accessibility ramp – also funded by Kickstarter supporters – will be added to the front entrance. We have a temporary ADA entrance on the side of the building, and we can’t wait to make our space more inviting to even more builders.

After school classes begin in February and summer class registration will open on February 8.

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Children between the ages 6-12 find informal and playful environments at Leonardo’s Basement where curiosity, imagination, and experimentation are encouraged.


Independence and identity sum up the needs of teens. Leonardo’s Basement provides increasing control over the direction and execution of their projects and facilitate their interests by providing resources and adult guidance as needed.


Family programs at Leonardo’s Basement include weekend classes, workshops community events, and free open houses.


Studio Bricolage is a creative playground for adults at Leonardo’s Basement. Classes and clubs include electronics, metal working, wood working, car maintenance, and more.

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