Make cool stuff, and gain technical skills! Come this summer for workshops in areas of Engineering, Design and Art.

Here is a sampling, with space available:

Thrift Store daVinci, June 10-14 Start with thrifted furniture, artwork or knick-knacks. Then sand, paint, take-apart and re-imagine!

Logic Game Design, June 17-21, Invent the next Wordle or Mastermind

Assemblage & Bricolage, June 17-21 Combine many really cool unique objects to create one-of-a-kind pieces

Chemistry, Bath and Beyond, June 24-28 Create your own scent and flavor pallete to make balms, lotions & scrubs.

Vegan Taxidermy, June 24-28 These stuffed animals will never be the same

Welded FrankenBikes, July 15-19 Chop, grind and weld bike parts to make a custom ride or sculpture

Sewing Chickens or Chicken Nuggets! July 15-19 Machine & hand stitch your way to a plush food feast

Puzzle Room, July 22-26 Work togeher to transform a space into a puzzle room.

Sew Great, July 29-August 2 Machine & hand stich on jeans, jackets, caps and bags

Teen Installation Project, July 29-August 2 Use CAD & (other stuff) to make a project that will be displayed at Leonardo’s Basement

Community Building for Teens, August 5-9 Use your craft & building skills to support a group in the community

MakeCode Arcade, August 12-16 Video game design!