The end of summer is a big deal at Leonardo’s Basement. The saws go quiet and hot glue guns cold. Squeals of accomplishment and furrowed brows of concentration disappear. But the memories of kids and projects and friendships and excitement fill our memories.

We delight in being the place where kids and teens discover the power that comes from building projects, from trying new things and making mistakes. Where one group is sewing while another is welding. Where children, teens and adults work together to create a magical environment for learning and also get to live out Star Wars fantasies. Where learning technical skills goes hand-in-hand with developing social skills.

Summer programs reached 1,737 girls and boys in an inspiring and challenging outdoor setting. Programs at Leonardo’s Basement help young people prepare for future learning and careers by bringing often abstract academic study to life. We encourage exploration and discovery, support imaginative play, collaboration and decision making with:
-very low builder to instructor ratio
-abundant materials, tools and equipment
-diverse programs and students, and most importantly
-highly-skilled instructors and teaching assistants.

Our measures of success include lifelong curiosity, creativity, fearlessness, thinking and problem-solving skills, ability to communicate and work with others, personal responsibility and intrinsic motivation to learn and do.
Please make a tax-deductible contribution to support programming in 2017. Donate here or send a check to Leonardo’s Basement, 150 W 60th St, Minneapolis MN 55419.

Thank you, for sharing your kids and for your support.

Steve Jevning
Founder and Executive Director

Tracy Nielsen
Programs and Operations Director