Leonardo’s Largely Irrational Math Prize
Leonardo’s Basement is offering prizes for mathematics at the 2019 Twin Cities Regional
and Minnesota State Science and Engineering Fair. The contest is “irrational” because the
prizes are based on an irrational number:
Prize – $62.83 = 2π * $10
Prize – $27.18 = e * $10
Prize – $14.14 = √2 * $10

The contest is “not entirely irrational” because what they are looking for are projects that
physically demonstrate a mathematical principle. Example projects:
● Wooden building blocks that prove the Pythagorean Theorem
● A play about a mathematical discovery
● A painting that explores the approximation of π
● Hip hop compositions on how a coffee cup and a doughnut are topologically the
same thing

To register and get additional information about the event see the regional science fair website here:  http://www.tcrsf.net/CalendarDeadlines.aspx  and here: http://www.tcrsf.net/ISEFDocuments/StudentHandbook.pdf

The deadline to register for the event is: February 6 The regional fair is held: March 1 & 2