We have over 130 workshops scheduled for summer 2016!  Here are a few to whet your whistle!

JUST ADDED to the summer lineup:


Full Day Sci-Fi Movie Making     July 11-15 9:30-3:00

Pitching the story. Arranging the storyboards. Costumes from carpet. Spaceships from leftover parts. Giant puppets. Makeup effects. Virtual backgrounds. Work as a team & learn the variety of elements that go into creating a science fiction movie. Share your collective creation with the Galaxy on YouTube.  Ages 12+
Instructor: Joshua Seaver
Joshua has been drawing, tinkering, making movies, inventions, animations and music for more than 30 years. He loves to make the invisible visible.
AM – Be a Railrider!     August 8-12, 9:30-noon
Huh?  Perhaps you’ve  seen railroad handcars in the movies or cartoons. A couple of people pumped a big handle up and down to make the car zoom down the railroad track at a whopping 10 mph.
You will work together to build a velocipede, a lightweight bicycle-powered railcar. Craft a design, cut some metal and weld the thing together. It will look something like this and you will drive on the railroad tracks behind the workshop. You may not go as far as the mountains but you will go on a journey!  Ages 12+
Instructor: Chris Groth
Chris is a renaissance man, who works with host of tools, technologies, materials and mammals.
succulent project

AM – Building Living Worlds     August 15-19 9:30-noon                                                                                                     Build a Miniature Nature World!  If you’ve got a green thumb but also like to craft, this is the class for you. We’ll build our own mini nature worlds with tiny succulents and cacti, and learn about what type of environment they need to live and grow. Create your own mini-figures to live and explore in your world too!    Ages 8-12, Limit 9

Instructor: Amanda Nix is an elementary teacher. She loves using her imagination in her hobbies of cooking, crafting, and photography.

PM – Level Up Studio: Make Your Own Video Game      August 8-12, 12:30-3:00
Create the interactive virtual world of your dreams and make it come alive to share with others. Explore the basics of animation, movement and scoring, the foundation to all games. We’ll test each other’s games to verify the fun, then publish them to the web.  Ages 12+, Limit 8
Instructor: Joshua Seaver

AM- Carve it in Wood    July 18-22, 9:30-noon
From spoons to figurines to your wildest dreams; whittle and carve your way to the finished product. Heavy gloves, and band aids, included!  Ages 12+ Limit 8

Instructor: Jess Hirsch is a sculptor and woodworker from Minneapolis. She studies traditional Swedish woodworking and owns a Boston Terrier named Scout, who also practices wood carving with sticks.

PM – Electric Invention Lab      July 18-22, 12:30-3:00                                                                                                           Use simple circuitry to create things that move and light up.  Construct series and parallel circuits, and switches. Then you can design, test, and invent.  What would you like to try? Let’s do it!      Ages 7-10, Limit 8
Instructor: Cora Greenwald is a science teacher and passionate idealist.  She likes big messy projects, and cats. Oh, and about a million other things.