Fidget Fabrication!  June 26-30, 9:30 AM – noon, Ages 10+
Use the resources in the workshop (plus your creative spin) to design and then create hand held fidgets, stress relievers and toys. Think things like: spinners, putty, slime, balls and rings!

Stilt Building & Walking Tall!  July 24-28 12:30-3:00  Ages 10 +

We will spend half the time building and half the time walking tall. 
Stilt master Mark Safford has been stilt dancing for more than twenty years and has taught hundreds of people to stilt walk and dance. On a few occasions students have played stilt soccer. Create a pair of stilts that suits you then take to the high ground.
Added section of Aluminum Casting!  June 26-30 9:30-noon, Ages 13-17

Although ancient Greeks and Romans used aluminum salts to set dyes in fabric and as astringents for dressing wounds, metallic aluminum was not refined until 1825. It is the third most abundant element in the Earth’s crust (after oxygen and silicon) and its most abundant metal. To make it stronger, aluminum is almost always alloyed with other metals like copper, zinc or magnesium. The melting point of aluminum is over 1,200 degrees! In this class you will experiment with different ways to cast sculptures, parts, pieces, and thing-a- ma-jigs by pouring liquid aluminum into sand molds.